Humana and You: Your Insurance Coverage at Our Practice

//Humana and You: Your Insurance Coverage at Our Practice

As a retiree, it is important that you watch every dime. Many people get a Humana Medicare Advantage plan to help them lower their costs of healthcare. These plans can have a lot of benefits, but they also have certain requirements. As an expert Humana provider, we can field all aspects of your healthcare with Humana.


Some procedures, medications, or tests require preauthorization with Humana before they will be covered. Our staff is experienced in fielding requests and following the process for these preauthorizations. Sometimes a preauthorization can be difficult to obtain, but our staff and doctors are often able to jump the hoops and get your necessary healthcare covered and underway.


Humana HMO plans require you to get referrals from your primary care physician (PCP) for any services or tests that cannot be performed in their office. Our Largo clinic offers a number of services beyond basic healthcare, including in-house labs, x-rays, EKGs, diabetes management, and more. However, there are some services that we cannot provide. Our staff is also very experienced in handling referrals so that you can get the care you need.

Wellness Exams

It is important that you have routine wellness exams. Everyone should have a wellness exam at least once per year, but if you have conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses for which you take maintenance medications, you may need wellness exams more frequently. Our doctors are experienced and professional, and will be able to complete your wellness exam quickly and painlessly. We will be able to address any concerns at that time, update and refill prescriptions, complete routine labs, and handle any referrals you may need for specialists.

If you recently became a member or are planning on getting a Humana plan in the near future, consider us as your Humana provider. We are experienced in dealing with Humana to handle all of your healthcare needs.